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Plan Ahead and Be Prepared for Anything

We have several options for buying insurance, including your employer, government health insurance marketplaces, private insurance companies and insurance brokers.

Open Enrollment

Peggie Rhodes reveals light on open enrollment. She is an advisor on health insurance. 

She specializes in health and life insurance.

         Individual Plans for You

Purchase insurance outside of employer-sponsored coverage.

Affordable Care ACT

Our Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans help you access affordable health insurance through a marketplace that offers federally regulated and subsidized health insurance. Select from four levels of medical coverage plus specialty and supplemental plans.

Anthem Enhanced Choice

Anthem Enhanced Care (AEC) plans may be an affordable, short-term alternative for those who don’t qualify for government subsidized plans. With six different plans, AEC can provide quality coverage for doctor visits, prescriptions, and more.

Dental /Vision Humana Dental

At Humana, we want to make healthcare as simple and supportive as possible, so we're here to help you find a plan that'll work with your needs.

Dental Plans

A plan that'll make you smile, with coverage for preventive services like checkups and cleanings, so keep those teeth in tip-top shape.

Vision Plans

See what Humana vision plans can do for you with affordable prices to save on eye exams, eyeglasses, contacts and Lasik. Find a plan that suits your budget and maintains your vision.

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Hospital Indemnity

Accident Medical

Accident Medical

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